Welcome to Nurture We!  My name is Denise Varela, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York.  I have been in the field for over 14 years, and have worked with clients from infancy to age 101.  Nurture We is a team of professionals who desire to help you find the fun in your life again in easy and healthy ways.  Nurture We is dedicated to helping you find fun, joy, and freedom in your life, by providing classes, blogs,  life coaching and counseling on mental health and related issues. 

Nurture We's goal is to get you to nurture the child in your heart, and remind that little you how to live life and have fun.  Depression, anxiety, stress and other issues drain our joy, and our childlike desire to have fun.  When we address these issues, we can take back what we were born with--the ability to enjoy life through its ups and downs, acknowledge all of our feelings, and still have fun in our daily lives!  Our joy and laughter and fun will be contagious to those around us and our loved ones will be nurtured by our well-being.  Join us as we build a community and NURTURE WE.

Nurture We Staff