Here are some testimonials from some of our nurtured clients:

"Working with Denise as a therapist is definitely amazing. She definitely listened to everything and anything that I had to say when I was going to see her, and she always had great advice on what I should do. When I started seeing Denise I had a lot of family issues and I was very overwhelmed and stressed. Denise helped me thru it all and I am very thankful to her for everything."
"Subject: Expressing my experience and gratitude for Denise Varela..
Message: I am pleased to say that my husband and I have worked closely with Denise Varela and are absolutely content will all of her help and guidance. Denise’s personality is exceptional; therefore making it very easy to speak to and open ourselves up to her which can be hard for both my husband and I. As we know it can be very stressful to deal with school aged children. My son who is 8 was having a hard time in school making his attitude at home let’s say not easy to handle at times. We were at our wits ends and needed help, we decided to contact Denise for some guidance, she was very informative and gave us many tips and tools on how to communicate with our son and help him express his feelings and not feel so frustrated. When we left Denise’s office we felt confident that the tools and tips she offered were going to help. We immediately implemented them at home and our son has responded well since. He now talks to us and explains why he’s so frustrated, he understands his boundaries and the communication in our household has gotten better 100%. As I said before we are very pleased with Denise and do plan on returning to her for further guidance. Thank you Denise and look forward in seeing you and talking to you again."

I had attended a seminar hosted by Denise Varela over the past weekend. Denise was personable and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable sharing and being a part in the group. I highly recommend Denise and her seminars. It was very intriguing, it kept me thinking, and it even kept me thinking afterwards. She was able to touch on some major topics that made me want to explore that part of me more. I would definitely attend another seminar by Denise. Great work!


hi my name is Ricardo and i recently went to Denise's mothers footprints seminar.i must say it was quite the really learn a lot from yourself once you learn about your past and how your relationship with your mother was.i will be recommend this to everyone i know.Denise was very professional and caring the entire time.i really felt like she cared and i feel like i am a better person having gone to this seminar.


Thank you for a wonderful seminar!
I must admit, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but YES, my expectations were met and exceeded!
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this morning's My Mother's Footprints seminar. You gave me a renewed confidence in myself, Your seminar was well organized and well thought out. I look forward to more seminars. I really