Superhero Socialization and Art Support Group

For the past 8 years, Nurture We has been working with the community self-identifying as "Geeks" by providing socialization groups for teens and adults.  Groups discuss the difficulties this group sometimes face with socializing, anxiety, depression, dating, and more.  The primary modality is art sessions, where clients work with a therapist and an artist on community and individual projects, discuss pertinent mental health issues, and go on group outings for exposure therapy.  

We have been blessed to participate in New York Comic Con as Professional Pass holders, and have established connections with various artists and professionals in the comic and pop-culture fields.  Special guests to our groups have included MDBX Studios and Spitfire Labs.  Our goal is to empower geeks to feel confident, improve social functioning and feel supported while learning about the Geek culture they have grown in and have loved.

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