Time Management Coaching

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Time Management Coaching


60 Minute Time Management Coaching with Denise Varela, LMHC

Feel like there is not enough time in your day?  Have goals, ideas, plans that never seem to come to fruition?  Do you procrastinate because the thought of getting started is overwhelming?  We have personalized solutions for you.

Nurture We's Three Step Program includes:

1. Setting up a basic schedule with the essential aspects of your life and make it your own.

2. Incorporate goals that are important to you (work, social life, family, self care, health, finances etc.)

3. Examine your emotional state and incorporate taking care of yourself mentally in order to keep up the progress made in the program (the most essential part of the three steps).

This is not a "cookie cutter" service with the same template for everyone.  This service takes into account YOUR mental health, physical health, family life and your personal goals.

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